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Alignment, Nutrition, and No More Politics

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

As I sit here, in the midst of creating my first Online Digital Course, I am reminded that the business aspect of my work means nothing, if the nutrition message is not received. The climate of our health care system is currently in a dire place. This is in no way a reference to the two headed political snake, but in reference to the state of "Health" (the crisis) that the majority of Americans are in, and the way in which they are being improperly treated. As the plant-based propaganda continues to be shoved down our throats, I shudder at the thought of what drinking a fresh green drink would do to my digestive system. Well... Specifically because the high level of anti-nutrients (oxalates, salicylates, phytates, lectins, etc.) in many of the vegetables and fruits, most of which are hybridized, and many of which didn't even exist a few hundred years ago would set me back almost two years, regarding the healing I am currently experiencing, after battling with a chronic illness for so many years. (25 to be exact) But then, just as equally as I shuddered, I am also just as relieved at the fact that I am able and blessed enough to afford and enjoy animal proteins and fats to nourish my body back to health. I will continue to shout it from the rooftops that this way of eating has truly SAVED MY LIFE!!! Yuup... Did you hear me? And no.... I'm not a cruel individual, who cares not about animals. In fact, I thank God for them and the sacrifice they have made, in the natural life cycle, as they assist me in properly fueling my body and brain alike. So, ok let's do talk politics for a second.... I 100 percent do respect each individual's right to choose whatever it is that they want or don't want to eat. What I don't appreciate, are the powers that be, who are attempting to remove my own personal choices because of the myths, the ever-so-flawed epidemiological studies, and the outright lies that are blaming meat for causing cancer, heart disease, and climate change. These are, none other than propoganda-ized psychological tactics and funded-by-processed-food-based-company organizations, who are simply trying to make a profit off of the unknowing and non-questioning consumer. There has never been any scientific "proof," confirming these falsities, and uhhh guess what... Regenerative Agriculture practices, utilizing our amazing animals (especially ruminants such as cows) are part of the actual ANSWER to combating the present change in our climate. In any case... What it boils down to from a nutrition perspective, and has been evidenced for centuries on end, before most chronic and non-communicable diseases even existed, is the fact that... My personal N=1 experiment is working because it is based on our body's actual NEEDS in accordance with NATURE'S MOST READILY ABSORBED AND NUTRIENT-DENSE APPOINTED FOODS! It's working phenomenally. And there are thousands and thousands willing and openly attesting to the fact that meat and healthy fats are also GIVING THEM THEIR HEALTHY LIVES BACK, and repairing the damage that excess sugar, vegetable seed oils, grains (yes even Whole Grains), and processed, chemical laden foods have caused! What I tell all of my nutrition clients more than anything, other than "The Brain is Made Up of 60% PERCENT FAT" (that's why we need healthy versions to be truly optimal), is to listen to YOUR BODY. I believe and have witnessed that, in the area of Ancestral Nutrition, we all have varying thresholds of how much and what exactly we can tolerate. Some do well with Meat, Eggs, Veggies, Berries, Nuts, and Water. Some like me, must cut out all but the Meat and Water. And some, are able to succeed with a higher level of healthy carbs like sweet potatoes and higher sugar fruits in their diet's. Ultimately, staying whole food based, in the way that is optimum for you is the key; Meaning that we all have to figure out how to eliminate chronic ailments, illnesses, and inflammation by being our own bio-hacking scientists. ;-) So, no matter Keto, Carnivore, Paleo, or whatever you choose... I will continue to support ALL, and say... You do you! Just please don't think that it's ok to take away the rights of others, or force us into a land of processed fake-meat-wannabe utopia. Because, on the other side of those false beliefs and incessant advertising, via the pharmaceutical company's fat lover, Big Food, would lie a sicker and weaker society, lacking the proper nourishment, which nature has always intended and had to offer us in abundance!

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